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I Believe in Miracles! (Part 1)

I have a few stories I would like to share about miracles I have experienced or witnessed, so I hope you can hang in there with me! We will talk about some cool stuff...I promise, keep reading!

Story #1- My Adventures in fertility (or infertility,lol)

Did you know that 1 in 10 couples will have problems with infertility? I didn't know that when my husband and I decided to start trying. I knew of a few women who were having difficulties, but had no idea how many were actually or would be struggling when the time came for them. I had always heard that your fertility is most likely related to your own mothers experience. According to my Mom, all she had to do was look at my father cross-eyed and she would get pregnant, (gross) lol! So when it came time for me to start a family, I didn't even consider that I might have problems in this area.

Doug and I were married for 4 1/2 years when we decided we were ready to start a family. After a year had gone by with no success, we scheduled the appointment with my gynecologist to see what the next step was. So we both had testing done to see if there were any health issues keeping us from conceiving, there were none found. So we decided to start the first round of fertility drugs, clomed, and were eagerly awaiting positive results, even MULTIPLE results! A few months went by with no results, unless you count me being a hormonal mess a result! We were finding out what a miracle life actually is, that the stars and moon have to be aligned just right, etc... in order to become pregnant. Friends were getting pregnant, having babies, some even two, and I still wasn't even pregnant.

Then one glorious day, about 2 years into "trying", there was an ever so faint second line on the stick. I called the manufacturer, the doctor, the pharmacist...could this barely visible line that I had never seen before mean anything (is it even there, am I seeing things)? Could I be...pregnant? YES, I was pregnant, it was a miracle, I wanted to shout it from the roof tops! We were overjoyed to say the least!

I want to stop here and acknowledge that those two years were LONG for us, but that I have friends whose journey would take much longer to start a family and even friends that were never able to carry a child...I love you all! I have friends that have adopted as well, this act of love is AMAZING and I love you too! Our families may come about differently, it is the unconditional love that we have that makes us family, regardless of how!

So the first four months I had awful morning sickness which I was glad to endure. At our first ultrasound we found out that there was only one baby (Doug wanted twins-Yikes), everything looked great, then the technician excused herself and brought in the doctor. The baby (sex unknown) looked healthy, however, I had a rare condition, a complete placenta previa. There are varying degrees of previa, but a complete previa is rare and can be life threatening to the baby and myself. Basically the placenta which is suppose to position itself at the top of the uterus was positioned at the very bottom, completely covering the cervix. I was told it was like a water balloon balancing on two razor blades, move the wrong way and the placenta could rupture. My doctor said that there was a less than one percent chance of this correcting itself. He placed me on bedrest for the remainder of my pregnancy, I was allowed to go the bathroom or get a light snack. I was not allowed to drive, my only outings were to the doctor and church. My family and church family were praying for us, bringing us meals, driving me to appointments, whatever they could do to help.

We had a c-section scheduled at 36 weeks, we needed to avoid contractions, that could also cause the placenta to rupture. At 32 weeks, I went in for my fifth ultrasound and the baby's fluid level was measuring low, I would need to see the parinatologist on Monday (this was a Friday), and most likely deliver the baby. The parinatologist had to travel to me since a 45 minute car ride was too risky. So Monday finally came, She did an ultrasound first to remeasure the fluids and have a look at the placenta position for the c-section. She was quiet and seemed a little puzzled, she informed us that the fluids must have been missmeasured because they were normal, the baby looked good and...get ready for another miracle, the placenta moved!!! It corrected its position from Friday to Monday! Both specialists were dumbfounded, had never seen this in all their careers, this was textbook worthy! They said they couldn't explain it, I said "I can...God did this, this is answered prayer!" My husband told me the day we learned of the complete previa that God was going to move it, I told him the doctors said it wouldn't. So I prayed for safety and a healthy baby, He prayed knowing that God could do the impossible, and He did! I learned a valuable life lesson that day, not to put God in a box, He created us and is capable of miracles! We need to pray believing God is able to do miracles!

We had a healthy baby girl on December 7th, 2002... nine days late! Paige will be 14 next week and has been a wonderful blessing in our lives, thankyou for this miracle Lord!

Paige is an only child, we were never able to conceive again. We tried the fertility route again for several years, everything this time except for invetro-fertilization. We stopped trying after 8 years as I had a complete hysterectomy at that time due to medical conditions. In a strange way this gave me peace, I wasn't disappointed month after month anymore. Although we wanted more children, we are truly Blessed with our little family!

I pray this holiday season that you will find peace, that you will expect miracles, and that you will experience the Love of Christ! He is the reason for this season after all!

More stories to come...

Hugs and Blessings-

Shannon the Narcoleptic

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