• Shannon Jeffords Burkoth

Happy Narcolepsy Awareness Day!

Happy #SuddenlySleepySaturday and #SleepIn2018! A day of #awareness for #sleep and #sleepdisorders 😴. This is my beautiful family, #narcolepsy affects everyone in my family. I may be the sleepy one, but they are my rock! Without these 2 incredibly amazing people, I would not be able to do what I do and have the life that I have 💖. Despite my disability, they love me, help me, encourage me, put up with me being crabby when sleep fails me (alot 😜), make me laugh when I want to cry 😂, understand when I can't do things or be there when I desperately want to be. These two love me unconditionally, as I love them. I am truly #blessed! My illness may be invisible, but my family knows all too well that it can be ugly. I have found #peace with narcolepsy as I've been able to step out and raise awareness, raise my voice, advocate for others and try to end the stigmas associated with this very real disease that is NOT just a sleep disorder! Thank you to my family and friends on this journey with me. Thank you to the #rarefamily that I have gained along the way. Most of all I thank God for His peace, strength and hope. May you all make peace with sleep this weekend! Much love to all of you! 💖✌🌙😴😜🤗

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